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GoSun Stove

Our fastest solar oven. Bake, roast or steam a meal for two people in minutes, reaching up to 280°C. GoSun Sport sets the bar for portable solar stoves. 

Easy To Use: Unfold, load with food, point towards the Sun and relax.

Delicious: Hot enough to cook quickly, mild enough to retain natural flavor. 

Portable:  Folds into a slim 3.4kg package. Perfect for caravanning, boating, camping or just relaxing at home.

GoSun's patented solar cooking technology the most reliable there is. As long as you have a bit of sunshine, you're in business. The vacuum insulated cooking chamber captures a broad range of radiation, including ultraviolet, meaning even a light over cast won't stand in your way.



Sunlight is focused by the compound parabolic reflectors onto the tube, heating the inner cooking chamber. The vacuum tube acts as a near-perfect insulator, converting more than 80% of the Sun's rays into useable heat. The heat inside mimics that of an oven, building up to a staggering 280°C!



Dry Weight: 3.18kg

Oven Volume: 1.2L fluid or up to 1.4kg of food

Oven Dimensions: 2.7” (7.0cm) outside diameter, 2.1” (5.4cm) inside diameter , 24” (61cm) length

Unit Open Size: 24” (61cm) long x 16” (41cm) tall x 12” (30cm) wide

Unit Closed Size: 24” (61cm) long x 8” (20cm) tall x 5” (13cm) wide

Estimated Power Output: 200 Watts in full sunlight

Maximum Temperature: 288°C

Working Temperature: 93°C – 232°C

UPC Code: 856563005002

Stainless Steel: High Food Grade 316

Glass Tube: Borosilicate Glass


Package Includes:

GoSun Sport Solar Stove:  With industry grade annodized aluminum reflectors and stainless steel legs that function as carrying handles

Stainless Steel Cooking Tray: Including detachable handle that threads onto inside of tray for compact storage 

Scrubby Cleaning Tool: Designed for the occasonal easy cleanup

Starter Cookbooklet: Outlining basic stratgies for cooking a valiety of dishes

User's Manual: Always a good thing to have


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