GoSun Grill

GoSun Grill

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Easy, fast and delicious, this fuel-free cooker can bake, boil or fry a meal for eight people, (4x more food than the speedier GoSun Sport) using only the Sun.

No Fuel + No Mess: Just open and relax. No empty tanks to replace or burnt carbon crud to scrape.

Roast, Bake & Steam: Cook everything from meat and veggies to soup and breads. Steam and drip trays allow for cooking multiple dishes at once.

Fit For A Family: Simple to use, cool to touch and large enough to feed eight, the Grill was designed with the family in mind. 



  • Dry Weight: 13.6kg 
  • Total Oven Volume: 7.3L
  • Cooking Pans: Stainless Steel, Qty. 2 Pans, Total Volume 3.2L, Each Pan Dimensions: 25cm length, 11.4cm width, 7.6cm height
  • Oven Opening Diameter (ID): 13.5cm
  • Closed Grill Dimensions: 64cm length, 32cm height , 28cm width
  • Open Grill Dimensions: 64cm length, 32cm height, 47cm width
  • Estimated Power Output: 250 Watts in full sunlight
  • Maximum Temperature: 232°C
  • Working Temperature: 121°C - 218°C